Dental Crowns Protect Your Teeth and Beautify Your Smile

Have a tooth that needs a helping hand? A dental crown could be just what the dentist ordered! Our skilled crown dentist specializes in restoring and enhancing smiles with precision and care, ensuring lasting dental health and confidence for our patients.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are little caps made from metal or porcelain that your dentist can place over a damaged tooth. The crown may be needed to protect a broken tooth instead of extracting it or make a chipped tooth look normal again.

Dental crowns can be either restorative or cosmetic in nature. For example, your dentist may use a crown to protect a tooth that had a large cavity or underwent a root canal and is no longer strong enough on its own. Or you might use a crown to cover a discolored or chipped tooth for no other reason than to improve its appearance.

When will a dentist recommend a dental crown?

There are a few instances when dentists will recommend a dental crown. These include:

  • protecting a tooth with weak enamel
  • rebuilding an abscessed tooth
  • protecting a tooth with excessive decay
  • restoring a chipped or discolored tooth.

They may also be used in conjunction with other dental procedures. For example, to replace a missing tooth and support your jaw, your dentist may insert a titanium implant into your jaw bone and cover it with a crown. Crowns are also commonly used to anchor dental bridges. Get the best of both worlds with our platinum dental and tooth crowns - they're super strong and look fantastic, ensuring your smile shines bright and lasts long.

Think you need a dental crown?

Dental crowns are a straightforward procedure that dentists have been using successfully for decades. Our dentist offers same day crown services, ensuring a quick, convenient restoration of your smile without the wait. There’s nothing to be worried about if you think you need one or your dentist recommends one. Here at Livonia Family Smiles, we work to make you as comfortable as possible and are happy to help you with every aspect of your oral health including dental crowns. You deserve to be completely happy with your smile. When you partner with us, we’ll work with you to get the outcome you want.

Keep your smile intact with dental crowns in Livonia, MI

  • Restore your smile after decay or damage
  • Prevent a cracked tooth from worsening
  • Cover & protect teeth weakened by large fillings
  • Can be used to attach bridges & implants
  • Regain a natural, healthy-looking smile

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