Traditional Braces For A Straighter Smile

Braces sometimes get a bad rap for how they make you look. However, they are still an excellent orthodontic treatment for correcting serious jaw issues and aligning crooked teeth.

Traditional metal braces

Most of us are already familiar with the “metal mouth” braces. Despite the undesirable aesthetic, they are still the best option for many people to get the beautiful smile of their dreams.

The braces consist of little brackets and wires. The brackets are fixed to your teeth using a strong adhesive and the wires run between them. These are what places gentle pressure on your teeth to gradually move them into position. The wires need to be tightened every four to six weeks as your teeth shift.

Uses for traditional metal braces

Beyond just straightening teeth, braces can help fix jaw and bite problems. Some of these problems can be serious enough to affect the way you speak or make it difficult to eat.

How long you’ll have to wear the braces depends on the severity of your case. Most people wear braces for about 12-24 months. Afterward, it is recommended to wear a retainer; otherwise, your teeth could shift back into their old position.

Ready for your dream smile?

Whether you want to straighten misaligned teeth or try to fix a mild speech impediment, braces can be a great choice. Once your treatment period is over, you’ll enjoy a gorgeous smile for life with proper maintenance and oral care. And that includes regular checkups and professional cleanings at our dental practice.

Interested in learning more? Talk to your dentist here at Livonia Family Smiles about your options today! Our warm and welcoming team will answer any questions you may have about this proven, trusted teeth straightening option. And you can trust your dentist to take all your wishes and concerns into consideration when making a treatment recommendation. As your partner in smile care, we truly want the best for you!

Find out if traditional braces are for you

  • A tried & tested way to straighten teeth
  • Good value for the investment
  • Your dentist monitors the entire process
  • Say goodbye to jaw and bite issues
  • Suitable for teens and adults

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