Sleep Apnea Treatment That Doesn’t Make You Feel Like Darth Vader

What if you could sleep peacefully and soundly without having to wear a CPAP mask? It may be possible with an oral appliance custom-made by the experts at Livonia Family Smiles.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous condition that causes a person to stop breathing for a few seconds while asleep. Some people may even stop breathing for over a minute!

Their body then wakes them up to get them breathing again. Some people may not wake up fully and not even realize they are suffering from the problem. However, the constant sleep disturbance leaves them feeling groggy and tired even after supposedly sleeping all night. Symptoms include:

  • snoring
  • headaches in the morning
  • feeling groggy or sleepy during the day
  • waking up gasping for air.
  • How Is sleep apnea treated?

    Conventional sleep apnea treatment is not particularly pleasant and many people stop or avoid using it, which can have serious negative health effects. It consists of wearing a mask that helps you breathe all night long.

    Oral appliance sleep apnea treatment

    Instead of messing with an uncomfortable mask, you can get a customized oral appliance that looks similar to a retainer. This device holds the lower jaw slightly forward, keeping the airway open and allowing you to breathe freely.

    Bonus! If your sleep apnea causes you to snore, your sleep partner will also appreciate a peaceful night’s sleep.

    Ready for a good night’s sleep?

    Sleeping peacefully again might not be as complicated or uncomfortable as you thought. Talk with the sleep apnea experts here at Livonia Family Smiles to get an appropriate appliance for you. No longer does sleep apnea have to hold you back from living life to the fullest. We’ve helped many patients regain their energy and look forward to a solid eight-hour sleep – night after night.

    Regain a good night’s rest with sleep apnea treatment

    • Reduce your risk of depression
    • Feel refreshed in the morning
    • Get through the day with more energy
    • Prevent more serious health problems
    • Wear a simple oral appliance while you sleep

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