Oral Cancer Screenings By Your Dentist Can Be A Lifesaver

Approximately 54,000 adults will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Though one of the most common cancers, oral cancer is also highly treatable, having nearly a 90% survival rate when detected early. This rate drops significantly, though, once cancer begins to spread, which is why oral cancer screenings are vital.

What Is an oral cancer screening?

Dentists and hygienists will typically perform an oral cancer screening as part of your regular dental exam. In fact, if you’ve ever visited a dentist, it’s likely you’ve already undergone oral cancer screenings without being aware of it.

A visual screening simply consists of examing the tissues in and around your mouth. This includes:

  • lips
  • throat
  • cheeks
  • inside the nose
  • sinuses
  • larynx
  • pharynx.

Your dentist or hygienist will lookfor swollen lymph nodes, lumps, or any other abnormalities.

Who is at risk?

While anyone is at risk of developing cancer, people with the following factors tend to be at higher risk:

  • tobacco users of any kind, including smokeless tobacco
  • heavy drinkers
  • an HPV diagnosis
  • heavy sun exposure
  • over the age of 55
  • being male (men are twice as likely as women to develop oral cancer).

Signs to watch for

Take charge of your health by knowing some of the symptoms and signs of oral cancer. These include:

  • chronic sore throat or hoarseness
  • unexplained swelling, lumps, or bumps
  • white, red, or speckled patches in your mouth
  • unexplained numbness
  • sores on the face, neck, or mouth that don’t heal
  • pain in the ear.
  • Get an oral cancer screening today

    The number one factor that helps you beat oral cancer successfully is early detection. Thus, oral cancer screenings are crucial, and we perform them on every patient who comes to us at Livonia Family Smiles. Schedule your next dental exam with an oral cancer screening in Livonia, MI !

    Protect your health with an oral cancer screening

    • We can detect cancer in its earliest, most treatable, stages
    • Screenings are painless and fast
    • Screenings happen during your routine checkup
    • Get peace of mind after a screening

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