Sports Mouthguards Protect Those Pearly Whites During the Game

It should come as no surprise that sports injuries are one of the top causes of tooth injuries. A simple way to prevent these injuries is to wear a mouthguard when participating in sports. This can reduce an athlete’s risk of tooth injury by as much as 60 times!

Why get a custom-made sports mouthguard

The practicality of using a mouthguard is easy to see. However, many people are happy buying low-cost mouthguards at a sporting goods store.

While this type of protection is better than nothing, a customized sports mouthguard made by your dentist at Livonia Family Smiles is a much better choice. The custom fit ensures the most comfort as well as the best protection should you suffer a blow to your mouth.

When should you use a mouthguard?

The most obvious times to use a mouthguard are when playing team sports where you can sustain an injury from falling, getting hit in the face with a bat or a ball, or some other type of impact.

However, sometimes it can be a good idea to use a mouthguard during solo sports as well. Particularly when you’re learning or participating in extreme versions, there’s always a risk of falling and banging your face against a hard surface when biking, skiing, or doing other activities.

A customized mouthguard for you

The best way to protect your pearly whites when participating in sports is to have a custom mouthguard fitted to your teeth. This is not only the most protective option but also the most comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the activity without being distracted by an uncomfortable appliance in your mouth.

Get fitted today by our experts here at Livonia Family Smiles! Your most precious asset deserves quality protection. And this rather small investment could save you a lot in preventable smile repairs down the line.

Protect your smile with a sports mouthguards

  • Avoid dental trauma
  • Reduce your risk of concussion
  • Breathe better & speak more clearly
  • Prevent jaw injury
  • Convenient, comfortable & easy to wear

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