Teeth Whitening To Dazzle The World With Your Brilliance

Our teeth naturally turn yellow with age. Genetics, eating and drinking certain foods, and other factors can speed up that process for some of us. Professional teeth whitening provided by a dentist can restore the whiteness of your smile without damaging your tooth enamel.

Professional teeth whitening vs at-home treatments

You may have heard that teeth whitening can weaken your tooth enamel and shied away from the procedure as a result. While this is partially true, it usually happens when people use at-home treatments too frequently, i.e. not according to the instructions.

Professional teeth whitening in a dentist’s office or using an at-home treatment as prescribed is both safe and effective.

Professional teeth whitening treatments can be done in one visit and noticeably whiten your teeth by several shades.

How effective is professional teeth whitening?

Some types of tooth discoloration can’t be removed because the root cause of the discoloration is within the structure of the tooth and can’t be cleaned off the outside. Furthermore, you can’t change the color of tooth restorations such as crowns and implants with teeth whitening treatments.

However, because our teeth slowly become stained with age, most people will benefit from teeth whitening treatments.

In the days immediately following treatment, the teeth can be a little sensitive and prone to staining. Thus, you should avoid consuming stain-causing food or drink and stay away from tobacco products for a few days. Your teeth will eventually begin to become discolored again over time, but proper dental hygiene can help slow the process.

Looking for a brighter smile as quickly as possible?

Our dental experts here at Livonia Family Smiles can help you brighten your smile up in one office visit. Experience a more confident you with this easy and effective cosmetic treatment. And while you’re here, we’d love to talk to you about other smile-enhancing options that may suit your smile!

Go for pro teeth whitening today

  • Whiten teeth up to eight shades
  • Remove years of built-up staining
  • Aesthetically improve your smile with little to no sensitivity
  • Get reliable results with professional ingredients
  • Completely safe
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